Are you interested in refereeing?

In Town League

The In Town League is the perfect way for first timers to  tryout refereeing. TYSL always needs referees for In-Town 1st & 2nd Grade level games.

  • Must be at least 12-years old.
  • No class room training required.
  • Just one 15-minute meeting prior to 1st scheduled game to review the rules.
  • Games are typically Friday nights starting at 5pm.
  • The current pay is $15 per game.
  • There is no commitment required to work every Friday.

If interested, please complete and submit a TYSL In Town League - Referee Application.

If you still have questions, please contact the Referee Director by using the form at the bottom of this page.

Travel League

TYSL always needs Referees of all ages (child and adult) for the Travel League.

  • Must be at least 14-years old.
  • No prior experience required.
  • Assistant Referee: Current pay range starts at $17.50 per game and goes up based on the age group reffed.
  • Center Referee: Current starting pay range $35 per game.
  • Referees are responsible for purchasing a referee uniform, whistle, flag, score card, book and timer.
  • Games are held on Saturday’s for 3rd - 8th Grade levels and for adult referee’s there is opportunity to referee on Sunday’s at the 9th - 11th Grade level (Spring Only).
  • Referees typically work 2-3 games per week for 1.5 hours per game, however, the position is flexible.
  • You must take the Grassroots Referee training and test.

TYSL will reimburse you for the certification class.

Head over to the Massachusetts State Referee Committee site to register to become a referee today.

  • The TYSL Referee Director assigns In Town League games and Assistant Referees for Travel League games.
  • Center Referees are assigned by TYSL Referee Director during the Fall Season while the Middlesex Youth Soccer League assigns them during the Spring Season.



TYSL referees are trained in the laws of the game and coached on how to apply them when officiating games. As a referee gains experience and skill they are assigned to higher level games and encouraged to obtain a USSF Certification. Travel referees must complete the Grassroots training to referee Travel League games. These referees not only get paid at a higher rate but are also given the first opportunity for the more competitive game assignments. To sign up for this training, go to Massachusetts State Referee Committee and follow the instructions for the course you want. TYSL will reimburse you for the certification class.

USSF Certification is required for refereeing Travel League games.


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